Our History

The Marina Foundation supports programs that benefit youth, teens, and seniors in the Marina community. 

Since its inception in 2009, the Foundation has helped to raise over $19,000 for the local Marina Skate Team to attend the State and National Championships in San Diego, raised over $45,000 to purchase an ADA Van for the City’s senior program, over $32,000 to upgrade the Marina Community Center Playground, and 2017 helped to raise over $40,000 to open the new California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery. 

Below is the historical timeline for The Marina Foundation since its inception in 2009 to date:

  • Lenore Masterson Creative Arts Scholarship Established

    Lenore Masterson Creative Arts Scholarship

    Lenore Masterson Triple Photo 1

    Dedication of the Dr. Martin Luther King Sculpture Garden

    Sculpture Garden Unveiling


  • Woman/Man of Year

    Woman of the Year – Nancy Fortman

    Man of the Year – J. Michael Masterson



  • Scholarship Established

    Williams Scholarship Established

    Woman of the Year – Nancy Amadeo

    Man of the Year – Terry Siegrist



  • Marina Food Distribution

    Marina Food Distribution Programs

    The Marina Foundation initiated a weekly food supplement program…

    The Breakfast Program at the Marina Teen Center discontinued.

    Due to COVID-19 the Breakfast Program has been discontinued…


    Woman of the Year –Cheryl Swix

    Man of the Year – Jim Osborn


  • Scholarship Established

    Wheelis Scholarship Established

    Woman of the Year – Dana Cleary

    Man of the Year – Ron Lebda


  • Woman/Man of Year

    Woman of the Year – JoAnne Bowman

    Man of the Year – Allen Bowman


  • Woman/Man of Year

    Woman of the Year – Grace Silva-Santella

    Man of the Year – Michael Owen


  • Grand Opening

    Grand Opening of the CA Central Coast Veterans Cemetery with Committal Shelter – Benches, Podium, etc.

    Marina Community Center Playground Opened

    Thanks to partnerships and our Marina community The Marina Foundation…

    Wight Family Scholarship Established

    Woman of the Year – Lei Fernandez

    Man of the Year – Butch Fernandez


  • VTC Programs

    First Responder Trauma Kits

    Rod Arnaldo Memorial Outstanding Service Award

    Woman of the Year – Lis Billingsley

    Man of the Year – Sid Williams


  • Fund Established

    Best Buy Technology Grant for Marina Teen Center

    Stewart Scholarship Established 

    Veterans Fund Established

    Positive Behavior Intervention Support Program (PBIS) at Los Arboles Middle School

    Grants to Marina School Wide Assembly Programs.

    Woman of the Year – Astrid Lang

    Man of the Year – Michael Graham


  • Scholarship Established

    Nakagawa Scholarship Established

    MIFW Canceled

    ADA Van

    Woman of the Year – Joy Junsay

    Man of the Year – Jack Stewart


  • Communities

    100 Best Communities

    Woman of the Year – Sally French

    Man of the Year – Mike Mast


  • Event Established

    Marina Skate Team/Park – 2011 State Champs/National Champs

    100 Best Communities

    Gordon Nakagawa Memorial Pilot Lounge

    CA Parks and Recreation Society

    District 6 – Outstanding Club/Organization

    Woman of the Year – Darlena Ridler

    Man of the Year – Ken Gray


  • Scholarship Established

    CA Amateur Skate League America Skate Federation State Champion

    Don Livermore Scholarship Established


  • The Marina Foundation founded

    The Marina Foundation received its 501(c)3 Public Charity status.

    Marina International Festival of the Winds