Since its founding in 2009, The Marina Foundation has helped to raise more than $45,000 to provide scholarships to deserving Marina students. We facilitate both publicly- and privately-funded scholarships, with a grand total of $90,500 being awarded since 2010.

The Marina Foundation has seven scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors – five scholarships specifically for those attending Marina High School, and two scholarship for graduating seniors residing in the City of Marina, who may be attending another high school in Monterey County.

Every year, the Marina Founders (formally the Don Livermore), the Capt. Gordon R. Nakagawa, the Jack Stewart, the Wight Family, the Timothy C. Wheelis, and the Roger Williams Scholarships award two scholarships to qualified graduating high school seniors. A newly created scholarship, the Lenore Masterson Creative Arts Scholarship, will be available in the near future. The scholarships are granted based on verification of school enrollment and give preference to those students with exceptional community service.

Seniors can now apply for up to five scholarships using a “common” application for Marina High School. This “common” application includes the Marina Founders, the Gordon Nakagawa, the Wight Family, the Timothy Wheelis, and the Roger Williams Scholarships. The Common Application is available HERE or on their respective pages.

The application for the Jack Stewart Scholarship is available HERE or on the specific webpage.